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 Arte Deutch (German) Live Online StreamArte tv
ARTE is a European cultural television channel. Its originality lays in the fact
that it targets audiences from different cultural backgrounds, in particular French and German.

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ARTE – Quality, variety and depth.

Top-quality, topical evening schedules, documentaries, feature films, TV films, music, theatre, informative programmes and much, much more can be seen on ARTE, with the exceptions of talk shows and sports programmes. The different programmes invite you to discoverother people, regions and ways of life, to experience culture in Europe and to better understand political and social developments in today’s world.

20 jahre ArteOf the programmes broadcast by ARTE, 40% come from both ARTE Germany and ARTE France, and 20% from its Head Office. Some of the programmes provided by the members are not only produced in France and Germany, but also in other European countries and worldwide.

In 2008 roughly 30% of the programmes were produced in Germany, 29 % in France, 26 % in other European countries and around 15 % overseas (North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia).Arte tv App

Approximately 41 % of all programmes are documentaries, 21 % are feature films and 10% are films made for television. Twenty per cent of our programming is assigned to information programmes and a further 10% to music, theatre and dance. 3% are short films.

The number of new productions on our channel is particularly significant, since 75% of ARTE evening programmes are first runs.

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ARTE programmes can be received simultaneously in France and Germany seven days a week, 24 hours a day, via digital and terrestrial transmission, cable network and satellite.

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